Monday, 18 February 2013

Finding Nemo Inspired cakes

Inline image 1 
Nemo 1

Inline image 2 
Nemo 2

 Inline image 3 
Nemo 3

 Inline image 4 
Nemo 4

  Inline image 5 
Nemo 5

  Inline image 6 
Nemo 6

  Inline image 7  
Nemo 7

Inline image 9 
Nemo 8

Inline image 10 
Nemo 9

Inline image 11 
Nemo 10

Inline image 12 
Nemo 11

Inline image 13 
Nemo 12

Inline image 14 
Nemo 13

Inline image 15 
Nemo 14

Inline image 16 
Cupcake 1

Inline image 17 
Cupcake 2

Inline image 18 
Cupcake 3

Inline image 19 
Cupcake 4

Inline image 20 
Cupcake 5

Inline image 21 
Cupcake 6

Inline image 22 
Cupcake 7

Pirate inspired cakes

the chest top is ricecrispy  but the rest is cake cover in fondant the lid is held on by dowle rods on the back of the chest  and one though the middle  also a wedge  to hold it up isomalt jewels 
Pirate #1

Neverland Pirates 
Pirate #2

Pirate #3

Pirate #4

Pirate Cake  
Pirate #5

Inspired by Arte da Ka's cake. Top and middle tier are chocolate and vanilla cake with chocolate ganache.  Bottom tier is an 8-inch dummy cake.  
Pirate #6

Pirate cupcakes!  
Pirate #7
by moni05

This my first attempt at a Pirate Ship. Thank you for looking.  
Pirates #8

Square Vanilla sponge, covered in fondant, the face I made using the sportsball pan. Saw the idea on CC, thanks who ever u are :)  
Pirate #9

Pirates #10

This was a take on one of Sharon's awesome cakes, but instead of the skulls, they wanted something more kiddy pirate, so this is what I came up with.  
Pirate #11
Birthday cake for a Pirate Lover 
Pirate #12

Pirate #13
by slush

Madeira Cake....fondant this was in one of Debbie Brown's books.  
Pirate #14

Pirate #15

Pirate #16

My son wanted a pirate ship for his birthday.  Carved vanilla and chocolate cake covered in fondant. 
Pirate #17

Pirate birthday for a lady 
Pirate #18
by elin

Pirate #19

Pirate is RKT covered with MMF. Dagger is gumpaste.  
Pirate #20

Pirate #21

PIrates for my son's 4th birthday.  The wave and the 2 pirate variations are from ecrandal.....designed by GeminiRJ, KimsMom76, and SweetSugarBelle.  I altered the little boy to look more like mine .....and the parrot is my own design. 
Pirate #22